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Industrial Process Oxygen Analyzers

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O2iL and O2iC Oxygen Process Analyzer

Now you can control oxygen process gas, combustion oxygen mixtures, or nitrogen purge gas with a response time of less than 1 second.

Here is a truly digital oxygen analyzer with analog and digital interfaces for control, display, and data-logging of oxygen process parameters

The Oxigraf O2iL may be the process controller you need.
  • Fast response
  • Reliable laser diode technology
  • Pressure and temperature correction
  • Remote display and maintenance
  • Insensitive to movement
  • Coded password access
  • Sample flow monitor
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O2E and O2E2 Sidestream Oxygen Process Analyzers


Here is a truly digital oxygen analyzer with analog and digital interfaces for control, display, and data logging of either nitrogen blanketing of powder storage or of nitrogen content in recirculation pneumatic transport systems.

  • Transport dust, flakes and solids safely
  • Reliable laser diode technology
  • Fast response-seconds
  • Side-stream Sampling
  • Particle and dust filtering
  • Sample flow sensing, automatic back flush
  • Pressure and temperature corrected sensor, insensitive to movement
  • Code Access
  • Remote communications built-in
  • Nitrogen purge for Class I Div 2 hazardous locations
  • Auto-calibration built in

O2C and O2D Oxygen Analyzer


The Models O2C and O2D are general purpose oxygen analyzers for research, air separation monitoring, and industrial monitoring applications. Designed to measure oxygen in a range of 5-100% accurately and in the presence of other gasses such as including Ar, He, H2, CO2 and non-condensing H2O vapors. The Model O2C features an internal pressure regulator to connection to 1-75 psig source and the Model O2D features a sampling pump for flow control.


O2L High Resolution Oxygen Analyzer with Relay and Analog Output

The Model O2L is a general purpose oxygen analyzer for research, fuel and combustion system monitoring, food processing and packaging, pharmaceutical manufacturing, automotive engine analysis, and purge verification applications. The Model O2L is designed to measure oxygen in a range of 0-100% levels with resolution of 0.01 % from 0-10% and 0.1% from 10-100%. The unit operates in LN (low noise) mode for smooth readings and the measurements are made independent of sample pressure, gas temperature and other gases including CO2 and H2O. Gases other than oxygen will, in most cases not affect the measurement except for their dilution effect on the gas mixture. The Model O2L features an easy to use and feature bright LED displays, touch ...

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