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O2Cap Oxygen Analyzer for Capnography

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The O2Cap family integrates an Oxigraf oxygen sensor with a NDIR CO2 sensor for dual gas measurements for research, industrial and laboratory measurements. Measure Oxygen concentrations from 5-100% and CO2 from 0-10%. Perform capnography tests with fast breath by breath measurement. The units come with a pump for gas sampling system, bright vacuum fluorescent alphanumeric display (VFD), touch panel keypad, a rear 0-1VDC analog output for O2 readings, and either a rear terminal strip with limit detection relays and 4 – 20 mA analog outputs or a second CO2 analog output, and a RS232 digital interface.

The model O2Cap and O2CapB have luer type front panel gas sample input fitting for research applications. The model O2CapD have CPC O-Ring quick connect gas sample fittings for industrial applications.

All of the Model O2Cap, O2CapB and O2CapD include a sampling pump that will draw a sample from atmospheric pressure; with an external flow control valve, it will accommodate pressurized gas up to 1.3 psig (17 psia or 120 kPa).

An optional gas sampling valve allows the pump to draw a sample for a programmable number of seconds. This feature is useful for sampling from Modified Air Packaging (MAP). Please contact Oxigraf for more information on this option.

O2Cap comes with LEUR fitting and gas sampling pump. P/N 07-0193

O2CapB replaces the Terminal Strip with a second BNC analog output for CO2 on the regular O2Cap. P/N 07-0387

O2CapD come with CPC O-ring fitting and gas sampling pump. P/N 07-0358

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O2Cap Oxygen/CO2 Analyzer, Single Channel
O2CapB Oxygen/CO2 Analyzer, Single Channel
O2CapD Oxygen/CO2 Analyzer, Single Channel

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