• oem_oxygen_sensors

    Oxigraf is the leading supplier of Laser Diode Absorption Spectroscopy sensors for a wide range of industrial, medical, aerospace, and research equipment applications. Our patented technology in these solid state sensors provides unparallel reliability with fast response times for oxygen measurements over a range of 0-100% levels and resolutions to 0.01% with high accuracy and repeatability. Temperature and Pressure compensation is performed automatically by the sensor. Cross sensitivity to other gas molecules within the sample mixture is also minimized. Single and dual point calibration to known gas values provides accurate measurements. Auxiliary carbon dioxide and other gas sensors can also be incorporated into the sensor housing. Custom configurations and pre/post sale engineering support for your needs are available from our team in California.

    Oxigraf sensors are proven solutions for systems and products used by a variety of manufacturers in very diverse industries; let us know how we can serve you.