Oxisoft is a graphical oriented tool for controlling and displaying Oxigraf oxygen analyzers.
RS232 communication Remote Software Interface Guide and with OxiSoft PC Display Software.

Features include:

  • Data logging of concentration, temperature and pressure for both oxygen and CO2.
  • Dual panels. One panel for Data Display and one for setup and configuration.
  • 1024 x 760 screen resolution.
  • User selection of any two of seven parameters to graph.
  • Zoom to any region of the graph.
  • Selectable Auto scaling. Scale graph before, during or after data acquisition.
  • View alarm status and flow data.
  • Adjust filters and even predictive filtering parameters.
  • Quickly get current analyzer setup configuration.

Supports models  include the O2C/D/L/Cap/CapC/CapD/O2iL/O2iC/O2iR

Options & Accessories (O2)

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