Calibration Kit includes certified concentration gas cylinders, preset flow regulators, and tubing with connectors which mate with the analyzer and gas cylinder. The tubing assembly includes a fine flow needle valve. Instrumentation grade, certified calibration gas meets FDA standards for USP oxygen analyzers. Each cylinder provides approximately 3 months of daily calibrations. Calibration gas is shipped direct from the gas supplier. Single stage, constant flow regulators are preset for a flow of 150 ml/min and have quarter-turn on/off valves for quick control of gas flow.

This calibration kit contains the following components:

Two Regulator Valves (CGA 600 with right-handed thread, CGA 601 left-handed valve);
Two tanks of calibrating gases: 99.99% Oxygen (Balance Nitrogen) and 21.00% Oxygen (Balance Nitrogen); (35 Liter Disposable Tanks: approx 100 calibrations);
Two sets off Cal Kit Tubing Assembly with fine adjustment flow valves for use with Luer inlet fittings (07-0190);
1 Black Plastic Carrying Case (07-0425).

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