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Calibration Gas & Kits

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Calibration Kit includes certified concentration gas cylinders, preset flow regulators, and tubing with connectors which mate with the analyzer and gas cylinder. The tubing assembly includes a fine flow needle valve.

Instrumentation grade, certified calibration gas meets FDA standards for USP oxygen analyzers. Each cylinder provides approximately 3 months of daily calibrations. Calibration gas is shipped direct from the gas supplier.

Single stage, constant flow regulators are preset for a flow of 150 ml/min and have quarter-turn on/off valves for quick control of gas flow.

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Item Name

2901-0010 Calibration Gas 99.99% O2 Bal
2901-0020 Calibration Gas 21.00% O2 Bal
2901-0050 Calibration Gas 5.00% O2 Bal
2901-0250 Calibration Gas 10.00% CO2 Bal
07-0041 Calibration Kit
07-0377 Calibration Kit
2554-0070 Regulator with CGA 600
2554-0080 Regulator with CGA 601
07-0241 2 sets Cal Kit Tubing Assembly
07-0278 Calibration Gas & Kits
07-0190 Calibration Gas & Kits
01-0151 Black Nylon Carrying Case for Model O2T
  Results 1 - 12 of 12 1 
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