• O2CPX – Cardiopulmonary Exercise Analyzer

    O2CPX – Cardiopulmonary Exercise Analyzer

    The Model O2CPX is a table top analyzer used to monitor performance parameters during exercise testing. Breath-by-breath O2, CO2 and flow rate is measured precisely and accurately with internal sensors. Heart rate and pulse oximetry interfaces are compatible with Polar and Nonin accessories. Ambient temperature, humidity and barometric pressure is acquired for precise measurement correction. Our reliable solid state oxygen sensor does not require routine maintenance or factory calibration. Our O2CPX hardware easily collaborates with customer software solutions via USB interface.

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    Oxygen Analyzer for fast response and research applications.

    The Model O2 is a versatile research grade oxygen analyzer for measuring 5-100% oxygen concentrations. The unit includes an integrated gas sampling pump, flow controller, bright LED display for oxygen concentration and status indication, touch panel controls for ease of operation, 0-1Volt DC analog and a terminal strip with relay outputs and a 4-20ma analog output, a separate digital RS-232 output, and Luer type front panel connection for response times. The front panel allows control of flow, alarm set-points, calibration, and other user features. The Model O2 can be used in research and other applications, but not approved for human medical use or diagnostics. Oxigraf OxiSoft software is also included with the unit for computer display and data logging under Windows.

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    Overlay and Sparge Gas Controller for Bioreactors.

    The Model O2MIX gas mixer measures the oxygen and CO2 concentration in a gas sample inside instrument and uses this as feedback to control three (3) proportional valves to blend gasses from the three (3) inputs to a single output. The product uses feedback from actual gas measurements as a control point and different mixture and blends of gasses can be used to feed three (3) inputs for mixing. In normal operation the O2MIX is designed to accept Oxygen, Nitrogen (or Compressed “Air”) and CO2 as inputs, and a single blended output of a programmed mixture is produced by the unit to feed a Bioreactor.

    • Accurately mixes O2 and/or CO2 with air or nitrogen by measuring the gas concentration rather than by estimating mixtures from flow measurements.
    • Accurately controls flow independently.
    • O2 Range: 21 to 75%. Accuracy: + - 0.3% using tunable diode laser absorption.
    • CO2 Range: 0 to 10%. Accuracy: + - 0.2% using non-dispersive infrared.
    • Flow: 100 to 600 ml/min.

    The O2MIX has internal pressure switches which provide ALARM control to warn the user if gas pressure is below operating levels and to warn of supply gas exhaustion. Measured oxygen concentration in percent volume fraction is displayed on a front panel alphanumeric VFD display. Two lines of 16 characters show numeric data and the parameter units or other annunciation. The instrument mode is controlled via a front panel keypad array. A back panel power jack and 9-pin RS232 connector provides the physical interface for power input, and serial link connections.

    The model O2Mix has CPC O-Ring quick connect gas sample fittings and the inputs and output for easy connection and setup.

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    The Model O2L is a general purpose oxygen analyzer for research, fuel and combustion system monitoring, food processing and packaging, pharmaceutical manufacturing, automotive engine analysis, and purge verification applications. The Model O2L is designed to measure oxygen in a range of 0-100% levels with resolution of 0.01 % from 0-10% and 0.1% from 10-100%. The unit operates in LN (low noise) mode for smooth readings and the measurements are made independent of sample pressure, gas temperature and other gases including CO2 and H2O. Gases other than oxygen will, in most cases not affect the measurement except for their dilution effect on the gas mixture. The Model O2L features an easy to use and feature bright LED displays, touch panel controls, easy calibration, and has a sampling pump and internal flow meter for monitoring flow in the system. A terminal strip on the rear panel is included for analog relay alarm outputs , 4-20 mA outputs, and an analog 0-1.0 VDC output is on a BNC connector. A DB-9 connector RS-232 digital output provides digital serial communications and is compatible with Oxisoft software. The unit has CPC O-ring quick connect inlet fittings for industrial applications.

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    Bioreactor Off-Gas Monitoring of O2 and CO2

    Based on the Oxigraf Model O2Cap Oxygen and CO2 analyzer, the O2Bio is specifically designed to provide gas monitoring of Bioreactor headspace and off-gas streams. The unit will measure continuously from an off-gas vent or periodically via a gas sample valve to take small 10-15ml samples from the bioreactor headspace via keypad or digital interface control.

    The O2Bio integrates an Oxigraf tunable diode laser (TDL) oxygen sensor and a non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) CO2 sensor with a pump regulated gas sampling system. The analyzer features a bright vacuum fluorescent alphanumeric display (VFD), touch panel keypad, a rear 0-1VDC analog BNC output for O2 readings, rear terminal strip with limit detection relays and 4 – 20 mA analog outputs of O2 and CO2 reading, and a RS232 digital interface.

  • 01-0112

    The Model O2T and O2TR are oxygen analyzers for medical oxygen trans-filling and verification and designed for measuring 5-100% oxygen in nitrogen. These units are easy to use and feature bright LED displays, touch panel controls, easy calibration, a sample pump or regulator for flow control depending on model, and CPC front panel fittings. The Model O2T has a built-in sampling pump with flow from 0-250ml/minute. The Model O2TR has a built in regulator for flow control and features a simplified two (2) point calibration control on the front panel.

    Step-Up from other measurement technologies:

    • NO errors due to vibration and movement
    • NO errors due to temperature changes
    • NO errors due to changes in barometric pressure
    • Fast response in seconds to conserve gas

  • 01-1033

    The O2Cap family integrates an Oxigraf oxygen sensor with a NDIR CO2 sensor for dual gas measurements for research, industrial and laboratory measurements. Measure Oxygen concentrations from 5-100% and CO2 from 0-10%. Perform capnography tests with fast breath by breath measurement. The units come with a pump for gas sampling system, bright vacuum fluorescent alphanumeric display (VFD), touch panel keypad, a rear 0-1VDC analog output for O2 readings, and either a rear terminal strip with limit detection relays and 4 – 20 mA analog outputs or a second CO2 analog output, and a RS232 digital interface.

    The model O2Cap and O2CapB have luer type front panel gas sample input fitting for research applications. The model O2CapD comes with a CPC O-Ring quick connect gas sample fittings for industrial applications.

    All of the Model O2Cap, O2CapB, O2CapD and O2Cap(AL) include a sampling pump that will draw a sample from atmospheric pressure; with an external flow control valve, it will accommodate pressurized gas up to 1.3 psig (17 psia or 120 kPa).

    An optional gas sampling valve allows the pump to draw a sample for a programmable number of seconds. This feature is useful for sampling from Modified Air Packaging (MAP). Please contact Oxigraf for more information on this option.

    O2Cap comes with LUER fitting and gas sampling pump. P/N 07-0193

    O2CapB replaces the Terminal Strip with a second BNC analog output for CO2 on the regular O2Cap. P/N 07-0387

    O2CapD comes with CPC O-ring fitting and gas sampling pump. P/N 07-0358

    O2Cap(AL) comes with CPC O-ring fitting and gas sampling pump to handle lower pressure inputs. P/N 07-7035

    O2Cap(ALR) comes with Swagelok Fittings (1/8") for Gas Inlet and Outlet Ports and gas sampling pump to handle lower pressure inputs. P/N 07-7036

  • 01-0024

    The Models O2C, O2D and O2DAL are general purpose oxygen analyzers for research, air separation monitoring, and industrial monitoring applications. Designed to measure oxygen in a range of 5-100% accurately and in the presence of other gasses such as including Ar, He, H2, CO2 and non-condensing H2O vapors. The Model O2C features an internal pressure regulator to connection to 1-75 psig source and the Model O2D features a sampling pump for flow control. The Model O2DAL features a high flow micro pump for low pressure operation from 1200 to 55mbar (0-60,000 feet altitude).