The Model O2T and O2TR are oxygen analyzers for medical oxygen trans-filling and verification and designed for measuring 5-100% oxygen in nitrogen. These units are easy to use and feature bright LED displays, touch panel controls, easy calibration, a sample pump or regulator for flow control depending on model, and CPC front panel fittings. The Model O2T has a built-in sampling pump with flow from 0-250ml/minute. The Model O2TR has a built in regulator for flow control and features a simplified two (2) point calibration control on the front panel. Comes with a carrying case and optional printer and rechargeable DC battery pack for portable use.

Step-Up from other measurement technologies:

  • NO errors due to vibration and movement
  • NO errors due to temperature changes
  • NO errors due to changes in barometric pressure
  • Fast response in seconds to conserve gas
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O2T, Oxygen, Single Channel, Table Top
O2TR, Oxygen, Single Channel, Table Top
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